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Old Time Memories
Posted by Dennovin
28-Dec-2007, 04:23 am

Edited by Dennovin on 2007-12-27 23:53:52 (EST)

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Quote Posted by Leiany
28-Dec-2007, 09:39 pm

One of my fave EQ memories. :)

Quote Posted by Gamelorn
29-Dec-2007, 02:24 am

Man, I feel old. I am sure this is from a long time ago, and it is still long after I quit the game. Dennovin is the only name I recognize. :-(

Quote Posted by Philphans
29-Dec-2007, 04:01 am

who is gamelorn?

Quote Posted by Gamelorn
31-Dec-2007, 05:26 pm

My wife, Chesirkity, and I played up until late 2003 when our first child was born, and then we quit the game. My main was a cleric, and my wife's was a Shaman. We used to hang around with Zootner and a few others in the guild.

Quote Posted by Philphans
31-Dec-2007, 05:29 pm

I remember Chesirkity... but thats probably cause i am a shaman as well. All you clerics look a like.

Quote Posted by Xenyia
31-Dec-2007, 06:41 pm

I remember the CR!!! :)

Quote Posted by Philphans
31-Dec-2007, 09:10 pm

CR? we won this fight!

Quote Posted by Sikak
19-Jan-2008, 02:44 pm

I am beating him to death with my shield. :yarr:

Quote Posted by Aahzmourgue
11-Feb-2008, 05:28 am

How come I never made it into the pictures?

Quote Posted by Liliminiel
20-Feb-2008, 03:12 am

Seriously! I was a key player in this event. Where the hell am I???:argh:

Quote Posted by Philphans
04-Mar-2008, 10:47 pm

save that stuff for the forums imo.. new drama thread. GO!

< grabs aahz's and lili's butts

Quote Posted by Mcelven
08-Mar-2008, 05:33 pm

Hey it's my pic! Wow that brings back memories. Those days were the most fun I ever had playing an MMORPG. Been EQ-free since 2004 but I really miss those days.

Quote Posted by Gamelorn
11-Mar-2008, 07:07 am

I miss it too. Been EQ-Free since 2003. I play WoW a little bit now, but it's just not the same. They "fixed" a lot of things that were wrong with EQ, but it lost something in the translation. Sigh...

Quote Posted by Westlei
12-Apr-2008, 05:06 pm

Hey there's ME! :)

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